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Hernando letters: Return of impact fees needed for county, schools

Published Jan. 28, 2015

Return of impact fees needed now

Kudos to County Commissioner Diane Rowden for proclaiming that the other four commissioners are stalling in their votes to delay reinstating education and transportation impact fees for Hernando County. How blind and closed-minded can we be not to see what we are doing to our schools and county?

One needs only to drive along State Route 50 just west of Mariner Boulevard, on both sides of the highway, and see all the new building construction that is taking place. Restaurants, Hobby Lobby, new apartment homes and physicians' offices are being constructed that would help the county procure needed impact fees from for-profit businesses to help our schools. These are businesses that can well afford to pay these one-time impact fees. Delaying these fees just to have one more study means nothing except lost revenue that our county can use.

If we want to help our citizens and businesses in Hernando County, why not offer tax incentives to local businesses that reopen empty retail storefronts in the strip malls all over our county? Or offer folks who purchase foreclosed homes in our neighborhoods tax incentives in the form of reduced real estate taxes for a certain period of time to recoup the cost of bringing those properties back to code?

What is it that Commissioner Rowden and I see that the other four commissioners don't see? For heaven's sake, stop the stalling and let's get the job done.

Dennis Fischer, Spring Hill

Call for removal of dead animals

What do we have to do to get someone in the county to pick up road kill? It is inhumane, cruel, unsanitary and disrespectful.

I live in Brooksville and frequently travel the main roads. Almost two weeks before Christmas, I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Cortez Boulevard in front of Walmart and looked out my window to see a fluffy cat that I assume had been hit and was dead. The body was lying along a concrete construction wall close to the highway with barely enough room to walk by. I travel the same road daily and nightly and dreaded having to pass by this animal. I looked, hoped and prayed every day that some kind soul would shovel up what was left and at least bury it or remove it.

I have called many times to have animals removed and left messages, but my calls have not been returned. I would have no problem cleaning it up myself and providing a proper burial, but I would need some help to stop traffic.

What do we have to do, or who do we call for this? It's so wrong to leave poor animals dead along the side of a major roadway. Thank you for any help with this.

Lauren A. Ann, Brooksville

MLK Day parade was terrific event

Wow! This year's Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade was the best parade I have seen in Brooksville in a long time.

I would have liked to see more people attend, at least as many who came to see Santa. In spite of that, it was well organized, well announced, the music was great and, of course, our weather obliged.

Jan Kalnbach, Brooksville

Politicians only in it for themselves

I don't get it. Pam Bondi, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, etc.

I see them in print and on TV back-slapping and glad-handing all over the country … doing everything except what the taxpayers are paying them to do. How do they get away with it? Who else could? In the old days perhaps six months was devoted to stumping for themselves and others. Now its two years. Ridiculous. Where is the accountability?

LJ Phillips, Brooksville


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