1. Letters to the Editor

Hernando letters: Why is speaking English not a requirement?

Published Sep. 7, 2016

Make English a U.S. requirement

While reading the Friday newspaper, I happened across a public notice regarding Florida constitutional amendments that are proposed for the November election. Printing of these amendments is nothing new, but what got to me was that one page was in English and the opposite page was in Spanish.

I was always under the impression that to vote one had to be an American citizen. Naturalized citizens were required to speak and read English in order to become a citizen. If that is true, then why are we printing notices in both languages?

I have noticed that ballots are in English, Spanish, Arabic and sometimes other languages. What has happened to our country? You don't have to speak English, you don't have to prove that you are a citizen of the U.S., or prove you are even you? Is there anyone who can give a sane response to why this is allowed?

Wayne Parlow, Ridge Manor

American dream down but not out

There have been troubled times in America before, but these days are of such a loss of direction and vision that it seems nearly all our greatness is behind us.

We are soon going to have to choose between two of the least inspiring, least qualified, least trusted candidates for the highest office of president in our history.

We are a nation in trouble when we ask ourselves, "Is this the best we can do?" Surely it is not.

I certainly don't have all the answers, but I do have a lot of questions that we as a nation must answer. Where do we go from here? Where are the inspiring people that can and want to truly make America greater than ever? Where are the candidates that we can point to and say that's my president and I am proud to have him or her speak to the world for me?

The huge amount of money raised and spent to get elected is obscene. No good can come from this blatant attempt at influence peddling. There should be a ceiling on money contributed and spent on elections.

We also should insist that congressional members have term limits. The constitutional writers never meant for Congress to be a way of lifetime employment. If they don't conduct the nation's business, removal should be swift and sure.

America is in trouble, but the dream is not dead yet.

Andrew Herd, Spring Hill