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Letter: Stop the Ridge Road extension

Re: Ridge Road extension

Road extension should be stopped

My great-grandmother settled 40 acres in 1892. As a fourth-generation Floridian, I have seen and heard this same scenario played out time and time again. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a long history of accomplishing amazing feats, knows exactly what it is doing and knows when and when not to do it.

Its good judgment, along with the vast majority of the voices of the people, should be heard and acted upon, not the influence of the small but powerful special interest groups.

No matter how many roads you build, they, too, soon will be crowded and slow. Wildlife follow the same migratory paths their ancestors did. It'll reduce wetlands destruction to only 59 acres, but what effect will that have on the remainder and all that rely on it? The aquifer below is the main source of pure water for Pasco and the Tampa Bay region.

Stop the Ridge Road extension.

Clark J. Johns, Hudson

Don't like river life? Then leave

If there's one thing we should never put up with, it is people who come here from somewhere else and have nothing valuable to contribute and spend their time complaining about how we live.

A good case in point: the crybabies in Port Richey complaining about life on the Pithlachascotee River. First, it was noise from restaurants/bars that police failed to find lawbreaking. Now it is the small gravel parking lot for Whiskey River. Add to that the whimpering about local marinas, and the list goes on.

If they don't like river life, why did they move here? Most of the things they complain about were here before they were, and some are grandfathered in. If they don't like it, too bad. Sell, get out, and good riddance.

John Ennis, Hudson