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  1. Letters to the Editor

Letters: Community support would boost high school ROTC

ROTC worthy of your support

Springstead High School Air Force ROTC had its awards ceremony on April 2, acknowledging the dedication and commitments of its marvelous cadet corps in leadership, service and excellence with integrity and camaraderie in unity and purpose. More than a dozen veteran organizations were on stage to present their awards as well as offering certificates and scholarship money to many exceptional ROTC standouts.

What is needed desperately is an infusion of funds to maintain critical curricula outlined for these high school students now that the Department of Defense have cut millions from nonessential programs, including ROTC.

Every charitable group, organization, company, industry, and church needs to prioritize donations to Springstead ROTC with haste and in good conscience. These are the youth in our midst to serve when needed. These are the youth who have gone beyond the bounds of their commitment to scholastic excellence.

Let's all pitch in and help with donations dedicated to their growth and commitment to military programs that build individual respect and pride.

Deron Mikal, Brooksville

Trace litterers via fingerprints

My husband and I have traveled in five countries outside the United States, and our country has more trash along our streets and highways than any other. One solution that might be considered is to make it mandatory that everyone's fingerprints be taken either at birth or when they start school.

How many people would toss trash around if they thought they'd be discovered via fingerprints and would have to pay a fine? There is no deterrent to stop children or adults from littering when- and wherever they feel like.

Sylvia Stark, Brooksville

Support troops with your vote

There are quite a few "Support the Troops" bumper stickers, decals, signs etc. That's nice. But there is a more tangible and effective way to give and demonstrate that support. This Congress as well as the previous Congress has reduced spending for active duty military and their families, veterans, and the VA. Active -duty military should not have their pay raises cut or eliminated. Active-duty families should not have to live in substandard housing. Veterans should not have the benefits they were promised taken away, should not have to live on the streets, should not have to be on food stamps to survive.

The best way to let the troops know they have your support is to vote out of office all the congressmen and senators who voted for and supported these cuts. It doesn't matter which political party they are, it doesn't matter which political party you are. Politics plays no role in doing what is right. Support the troops!

Wayne McVay, Spring Hill