1. Letters to the Editor

Letters: Cost of sales tax goes beyond a penny

Published Oct. 2, 2014

Tax goes well beyond a penny

"A Penny for Projects" is a lie. It is not just one penny; it is a full 1 percent of the purchase price of everything you buy.

The following question and answer from the penny for projects web page shows this:

"Q. If I buy a new car, do I have to pay the penny on the total price of the car?

"A. No. The penny is only collected on the first $5,000 of any single purchase

"The most you would pay for any single item you purchase will be only $50."

I am sick and tired of builders/construction/big business getting all the tax breaks subsidized by the rest of the residents. Vote against this new tax and tell the Board of County Commissioners to reinstate collection of the impact fees.

Joan Lynch, Spring Hill

Democrats need more commitment

I am a member of the local Democratic Party and at the Sept. 23 Board of County Commissioners meeting I was the only one talking about the ADA paratransit service that is a need for the disabled in the county.

If the Hernando County Democratic Executive Committee feels that THE Bus is a need in this county, then get up and make a statement and stop showing complacency. Our own platform states that Democrats feel retaining mass transit is needed for all citizens.

Where is the leadership? I don't feel I should be the only one advocating for mass transit/THE Bus in this county and then have to deal with the tea party people.

I think the local Democratic Party must show more unification and be committed to its platform.

David Philipsen, Weeki Wachee

Politics getting in school elections

I thought the Hernando County School Board election is a nonpartisan election. Why is party politics rearing its ugly head in this supposedly nonpartisan race?

The Republicans are out in full force promoting a candidate for the School Board.

An educated guess says the Republicans are worried that a true nonpartisan will not follow their lead, but will instead promote and vote for what is best for the school district, without regard to special interests.

I am tired, disgusted, and frustrated about buying elections, and just as tired, disgusted, and frustrated about bringing partisan politics into the School Board election. I urge everyone to keep politics and special interests out of the School Board election.

Walter Huston, Spring Hill