1. Letters to the Editor

Letters: Feeding cats key to capture and release efforts

A key element of the capture, neuter, inoculate, release and feed program is the obligation of a caretaker to feed the feral cats. A well-fed cat is less likely to hunt for food.
A key element of the capture, neuter, inoculate, release and feed program is the obligation of a caretaker to feed the feral cats. A well-fed cat is less likely to hunt for food.
Published Nov. 8, 2013

Real killer is the way some of us own cats Oct. 29, Dan DeWitt column

Feeding key to program

The author suggests stronger anti-abandonment laws. I agree. The remaining content of the column is rubbish. The author shows a total lack of understanding with regard to the capture, neuter, inoculate, release and feed (CNIRF) program.

Under capture, neuter and release, the cat population is reduced over time by stopping the breeding process. The cats, as well as most domestic cats, are inoculated for rabies. Birds, which routinely drink, bathe and defecate in the same birdbath, are much more likely to spread disease.

The column refers to a study where cameras were mounted on 60 cats with the cats activities monitored. Results estimated an implausible 14.7 billion bird and mammal kills each year. Since domestic and feral cats have been around for centuries, how is it possible there are any birds or small mammals left? Having had cats for 60 years and observing feral cats for seven, I have observed that cats aren't that efficient at catching birds. Rather, birds fall prey to other predators such as hawks, falcons, owls, eagles, and roadrunners. The author did not call for their capture and euthanasia.

A key element of capture, neuter and release program is the obligation of the caretaker to feed the feral cats. A well- fed cat is less likely to hunt for food.

Dennis Durost, St. George, Utah

Reasonable votes Oct. 27, letter

Don't blame debt on Obamacare

I might agree with the letter writer that U.S. Rep. Richard Nugent's vote would be reasonable if the Obamacare was the only cause of our budget imbalance. However, that is not the case.

Did we forget about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Quite frankly it is more to the government's credit to go into debt for the benefit of a good portion of its citizens, than to go after a dictator under false assumptions.

It is the misconception that the Affordable Care Act is the cause of our budget woes, which makes Nugent's vote unreasonable. If our members of Congress cannot come up with a few other places to cut the budget, I'm sure I could.

Terri Kraus, Spring Hill

Natural gas bill puts U.S. first

I would like to thank state Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, for CS/CS/HB 579, a bill that gives businesses in Florida a five-year tax break if they convert to natural gas. The bill becomes effective Jan. 1.

Natural gas sells for about $1.50 less a gallon than diesel which is typically used in trucks and school buses. FedEx plans to shift 30 percent of its long distance vehicles to natural gas over the next decade. United Parcel Service, Lowe's, and Proctor & Gamble are on the same track. Waste Management here in Florida has been a leader buying new trucks and retrofitting engines to run on natural gas. The Leon County School District switched its buses to natural gas in 2012.

Our elected officials from Washington to the local level should be on board. The U.S. Postal Service plans to raise the price of first class stamps by 3 cents to 49 cents, and it won't stop there. The largest fleet of commercial vehicles belongs to the United States Postal Service. Having its vehicles switch would be great for everyone in America.

The U.S. has enough natural gas for the next 200 years. Construction jobs would flourish putting in the pipelines and building new filling stations and new job opportunities would open up to retrofit the engines and maintain these new engines.

This natural gas is an American product. It should be a priority to have these engines "made in America." The only member of Congress I heard speak positively on this matter is U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Lakeland. I urge the public to contact Rep. Ross and county and city officials. Put America first.

Bill Bunting, Bayonet Point