1. Letters to the Editor

Letters: Truck traffic a concern to nearby motorists

Dump trucks bring concern

Our community has been very concerned with the high volume of dump trucks traveling U.S. 41 to and from Lago Verde Mine. On Nov. 22, 2013, situated across the street, I counted 49 dump trucks leaving Lago Verde Mine in one hour. That doesn't include any inbound traffic.

On March 19, I was headed north on U.S. 41 before 7 a.m. and the northbound left-turn lane into Lago Verde Mine was completely full of dump trucks. The overflow of trucks was on the south shoulder facing north and the southbound right-turn lane into Lago Verde Mine was full of trucks.

This volume of truck traffic is before the addition of limestone hauling trucks. On May 7, 2013, Commissioners Pat Mulieri, Ted Schrader, Kathryn Starkey, and Henry Wilson approved a limestone blasting permit for Lago Verde Mine.

I wrote the county and asked how many dump trucks are actually allowed per day. Interestingly, the county replied Feb. 10, 2014, that, "There is no maximum number of dump trucks allowed per day, but condition 38 requires an on-site truck stacking plan to ensure that trucks are not lining up on U.S. 41. This plan has not yet been submitted, but must be approved before transport of limerock can commence." However, looking at the conditions of approval, it states, "There is no proposed change that would create additional trip generation of ten (10) percent or more."

I travel U.S. 41 several times a day and it is common to be in the mix of several dump trucks. I've been in a convoy of five dump trucks on more than one occasion. I've had to slam on my brakes because dump trucks traveling in the opposite direction of my vehicle are passing at the railroad crossing.

Stefanie Schatzman, Spring Hill

Beacon Square, others need help

Pasco County, please help our west Pasco neighborhoods turn around. We need help in Beacon Square and similar subdivisions. We need more code enforcement officers, and more teeth in the code laws and enforcement capability.

Trash is endemic in our county. How about incorporating trash service into tax bills? Then every residence would have trash pickup. You can't drive along the beautiful coastal Strauber Memorial Highway and Trouble Creek Road without seeing new trash that has been dumped each day.

We need help out here in Beacon Square and surrounding areas. Please don't write us off. We love our little homes and we are taxpaying voters.

Susan Anderson, Holiday