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Monday's letters: Details needed on Hillsborough transit plan

Hillsborough transit plan

More details needed

For some reason, the planners for the transportation tax in Hillsborough County just don't get it. They think if they are sincere in asking for a tax increase and they promise that good things will come, voters will impose taxes on themselves. They won't, and for good reason. There is no detailed explanation of what the money will be used for, who will benefit and who will suffer.

What the voters are asking for is a map and plan of where their money will go. They want to know how we got here and what we are going to do in the future. How we got here is the historical economic model of Florida: Development equals growth and growth equals prosperity. What we have learned is that growth does not equal prosperity but sprawl and congestion. Growth does not improve our lives; it takes away the beauty that brought us here. If the planners want the transportation tax to pass, they have to address what we will do in the future to limit growth.

Rick France, Tampa

Scott rips Obamacare for woes of Medicaid Aug. 5

Don't get sick

Gov. Rick Scott is complaining about the cost of Medicaid because there are too many poor people (mainly children) signing up. He has created an economy with jobs that cannot support families and then complains when the people seek assistance. He is a true believer in the Republican health plan: Don't get sick. If you do, die quickly and have the good grace to do so quietly.

Christopher Radulich, Apollo Beach

Flood zones

Insurance but no flooding

We have just lived through one of those 100-year storms FEMA has told us about, and I hope that those dwellings that flooded had their required flood insurance policies in place as I have.

I was kind of hoping my house would flood since I have been put into an "A" zone even though my home never was in a flood zone before. I've been paying exorbitant premiums knowing my house will never flood, and it didn't even get close this time either.

My home was built in 1957 on a small private lake that drains southward into another lake, which then drains southward again into Twin Branch Creek and into Tampa Bay. There never was any threat and there never will be any threat of my home flooding. But they force me to keep paying.

Being on Social Security, this is money that could easily be used for living a better life. Good luck to those who were flooded.

Daniel Orsello, Tampa

Florida Legislature

Voters, pay attention

Time and again our elected state lawmakers have shown contempt and disdain for the voters. They have made a mockery of our desire for term limits and ignored an overwhelming mandate for fair redistricting. They are sitting on money that we have instructed them to spend on land conservation. There are constant references made to the money influencing our political process.

When we vote, we are as important as anyone, regardless of wealth. We need to send a message to state legislators that we are awake and that they should stop taking re-election for granted. Even if we made some of these contests close and got their attention, it could go a long way in having our voices heard.

Dan Greene, Hudson