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  1. Letters to the Editor

Money would be better spent on Clearwater park toilets

Neighbors long for park toilets | story, Nov. 29

Money better spent on toilets

Clearwater Mayor George Cretekos wants to redesign Crest Lake Park to look like Largo Central Park? Where does that fit into a budget he says won't even cover maintaining the park's toilets?

Besides, nobody is asking for a redesigned park. People would simply like the city to reopen the Crest Lake Park bathrooms for the convenience of everyone (homeless included) who visits and enjoys the park.

Aileen Shoaff, Clearwater

Driver's license difficult to obtain

As a United States citizen I am very concerned and disappointed that I cannot renew my driver's license, which expires in late December, at a local office.

To justify that I am an American citizen, I took to the Tax Collector office on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard six documents with my name on them: Form SSA-l099, my 2011 W-2, Notification of Birth Registration from the United States of America, a marriage record from 1959 filed in the Court of Pennsylvania, a Social Security card with my name and numbers, and a passport that expired in 2005 with my picture.

None of these were accepted to renew my license. Why?

I had to contact Pittsburgh to get a copy of my birth certificate. Since they don't accept credit cards, I had to go online and spent 20 minutes typing answers to questions.

Hopefully, I will receive my birth certificate copy before my license expires.

Carol Szazynski, Clearwater

Salon doesn't massage message | story, Nov. 30

Not-Scientologist sign appreciated

This is a copy of the email I sent to the Berry Beautiful Salon and Spa, in response to your Nov. 30 article:

"I very much applaud you for your not-Scientologist sign, which I read about today in the Tampa Bay Times.

"I have actually been a Scientologist for over 40 years. …

"It's not that the information that the original subject provides is bad, it's that the present management has corrupted it totally. I am now out of the corporate organization completely.

"The good, helpful information from Scientology is completely available outside the corporate structure, if one wants to look into it. Just search for independent Scientologists.

"Again, plaudits to you for your stance. Your instincts and information are correct, and you are doing a good thing by posting a sign that will draw in more business for you."

Jackie Johnson, Clearwater

4-Hearts story stirs generosity

We would like to thank the Tampa Bay Times for correspondent Elaine Markowitz's story, 4-Hearts for the less fortunate, Nov. 25.

The article about 4-Hearts' activities around town, assisting local charities, families, children and our military, was heard loud and clear. Since the story ran, the 4-Hearts have received an overwhelming number of calls from Tampa Bay Times readers who were inspired to give.

An 89-year-old woman from Tarpon Springs said, "I want to help. I don't get out much, and I don't drive, but I want to help in some way."

Another caller said her husband had been saving his change for years, but now wanted to donate it.

A veteran on her way to Afghanistan wanted to donate clothes, bedding and blankets to one of the charities mentioned in the article.

A gentleman caller said he donates to charity every year rather than give gifts to his grown children. He now wants 4-Hearts to be his "family charity." A local Book Club group moved by your article wants to make a charitable contribution.

Some of your readers donated money. Some donated their time. Some donated their goods. But all were inspired.

Thank you, Tampa Bay Times and correspondent Elaine Markowitz, for your interest and support.

Rose Chervitz, Palm Harbor