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Pasco letters: Fasano should "move up" or leave politics

Published Jul. 25, 2012

Fasano needs to 'move up' or leave

As columnist Bill Stevens pointed out, the founders didn't expect (or want) career politicians. So we have term limits.

But we expect term limited politicians to do something — return to the private world, or at least "move up." I have supported Mike Fasano for years, but can't now. If he's term limited as senator, he should run for statewide or national office — or go home. He's been in the state House once. He shouldn't do so again.

Ernest Lane, Trinity

Pedestrian traffic yields concerns

I am retired and I use U.S. 19 all the time, mostly during the day. Every time I go out, I notice women walking along the side of the road, I believe they are there for business purposes that are not legal.

Usually on a drive between Hudson Avenue and Ridge Road, I will see at least two or three walking along the road. Is there a reason the Pasco Sheriff's Office does not stop this traffic? They sure look like working women to me.

Carol Braspennickx, Hudson

Mariano made an honest decision

So let me get this straight, certain developers/big boys are upset with our commissioner because he changed his mind on a particular vote. So they are now backing Mr. Mariano's opponent. Give me a break. They sound like the politicians here.

I'm proud of Mr. Mariano for having the guts to listen to the residents of this county who packed the room that day at that meeting. He listened and made an honest decision for his people. That's leadership, not politics.

John Tountas, Hudson

Insurer should be held accountable

I had my roof done in February of this year with wind mitigation certification, pictures and inspection.

I received a letter from Citizens Insurance regarding a reinspection. They will not accept pictures from February. Why are they so powerful? Why no controls? Why is this monopoly allowed to continue with so much vigor?

A friend's insurance premium went up $500 even though she passed inspection.

Diane Patrick, Holiday


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