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Pasco Letters: Land is for more than business ventures

Published Mar. 3, 2012

Sick leave bill offers hope March 1 article

More to teachers sick leave issue

I was honored to be included in the article Jeffrey S. Solochek wrote in reference to the teachers sick leave bank.

The public may not realize that when a teacher donates a day to the bank or to another teacher, that teacher loses a day's pay. When teachers retire, they can cash out their unused sick days. Donated days equate to a reduced retirement benefit.

The Florida Legislature has placed many unfunded mandates, an onerous evaluation system and an unfair grading system on the public schools. Lawmakers have also forced us to contribute 2 percent of our salaries to our pension system and saddled us with furlough days. Now they want to be applauded for allowing us to spend our own money to help each other.

I know exactly who I will be voting out of office in November.

Joanne Giglio, New Port Richey

Land Pasco's biggest asset Feb. 29 article

Land is for more than businesses

After reading Lee Logan's article I am appalled to hear what some people think of as a favorable future for Pasco County. Pasco's land is indeed a great asset. It is a relatively unspoiled place with many possibilities, not a colossal dirt pile that is only suitable for industrial parks and office complexes.

What can we learn from the last 10 years about speculative building on a grand scale? We have commercial and residential developments that have been sitting empty and half-built for years. We have Bridgewater and we have Connerton. We have streets to nowhere with utility boxes already in place.

Zoning and planning can be done well into the future because they can be changed with relatively little cost. Physical structures can limit the feasible use of land as easily as they can enhance it. They can have a negative value if they do not meet future demand and the needs of the community.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Some future development is inevitable, and it can provide jobs and revenue for the county if it is done wisely, and at the right time. Still, as long as we have substantial industrial and commercial properties vacant and incomplete for years, we do not have a dearth of so-called pad ready sites in Pasco County.

Sheila Smith, San Antonio


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