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Five interesting facts

2 hours

is how long the power was out last week for the CES, the consumer electronics show, in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The biggest electronics show of the year couldn't do much without a key ingredient: electricity. The cause appeared to be condensation from heavy rainfall (in Las Vegas!) that caused a flashover on one of the facility's transformers and blew it out.

1.4 million

vehicles is how many cars and trucks foreign makers are expected to manufacture in the United States the first quarter of this year, equaling for the first time the number produced by domestic car companies, according to the Wall Street Journal.


fewer cancer deaths occurred over the last quarter century than would have happened had the death rate remained at its peak. The overall cancer death rate has dropped by 26 percent over a generation.

41 million

taxpayers had no broadband Internet access at home, according to an Internal Revenue Service survey in 2016-17. Of those, 14 million had no Internet access at all.


is the sand temperature during a sea turtle's incubation that ensures only females will emerge. Warmer sands raise the ratio of female-to-male hatchings until at just below 85, when only females will emerge.