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Our top 10 favorite interviews on Stuck in the '80s over our first 10 years

Stuck in the '80s is 10 years old? Well, technically 10 years and a couple weeks now. Airing our first episode on July 22, 2005, our podcast and blog about the music, movies and pop culture of the '80s has officially lasted longer than the decade we honor. So we got that going for us ... which is nice.

When we started, our ambition was to MAYBE someday talk to SOMEONE who had SOME hand in creating the music or movies that we loved. Ten years later, we've interviewed 73 of them.

Our first interview was a sloppy, stammering attempt to chat up former MTV veejay Adam Curry back in 2006. The most recent: an interview with the lead singer of A Flock of Seagulls we posted two weeks ago.

In between we've talked to three members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Nancy Wilson of Heart, Brian Johnson of AC/DC and Stewart Copeland of The Police) two of "America's sweethearts" (Molly Ringwald and Martha Quinn), one of the foulest-mouthed comedians of the decade (Andrew Dice Clay) and seemingly everyone in between.

Here are my 10 favorite interviews from 10 years of Stuck in the '80s history.

1. BRIAN JOHNSON (June 28, 2007, Episode 90): AC/DC's lead singer lives in nearby Sarasota, did you know that? He had just finished swimming in his pool before he got on the phone to tell us how he wrote Hell's Bells on a beach in the Bahamas as a storm was moving in on him. "I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain. I'm coming on like a hurricane."

2. STEVE PERRY (Nov. 18, 2011, Episode 251): The legendary Journey frontman spent one glorious hour on the phone with me, spinning tales of the band's once-meager existence on the road to his more recent doubts about whether he should record new music again. I couldn't sleep the night before the interview as songs like Don't Stop Believin' and Wheel in the Sky kept turning around in my head.

3. MARTHA QUINN (Aug. 23, 2007, Episode 97 and again in 2009): MTV's legendary VJ from back when there was still music on Music Television actually visited on the show twice. Her voice and enthusiasm for the '80s hasn't aged a day.

4. DEBORAH FOREMAN (June 25, 2009, Episode 170): Deborah is best known for co-starring in 1983's Valley Girl opposite some guy named Nicolas Cage. She spent nearly an hour on phone with me, counseling me through a breakup I was going through - and sharing her advice in front of the entire Stuck in the '80s audience. We've been friends ever since.

5. RICK SPRINGFIELD (Sept. 24, 2006, Episode 59 and again in 2010): Paging Dr. Noah Drake! My co-hosts and I nearly needed a doctor after interviewing Rick backstage before a show at Ruth Eckerd Hall. He covered everything from his time on General Hospital to his still-amazing live performances.

6. KENNY LOGGINS (April 4, 2007, Episode 81): The king of soundtrack anthems of the '80s, Kenny actually SANG to us during his interview. I had a chance to introduce him on stage before a concert in Clearwater, but lost my nerve at the last second. I still regret it to this day.

7. TOM BAILEY (Aug. 21, 2014, Episode 318): The lead singer of the Thompson Twins hadn't performed live in 27 years before I grabbed a half hour with him last year. During the interview, he confessed he had to go out and buy a CD of his band's greatest hits to help learn the tunes again before going back out on tour.

8. CARL WEATHERS (Nov. 19, 2009, Episode 183): Depending how old you are, Carl is either Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies, Dillon from Predator or Chubbs Peterson from Happy Gilmore. We got him to reprise his "ding ...ding" line from Rocky III - chills!

9. ADAM ANT (May 31, 2013, Episode 286): The usually reclusive post-punk musician offered me the first U.S. interview before a 2013 tour of North America - his way of saying thanks, his manager told me, after Adam read a glowing concert review I'd written the previous year.

10. DEBORAH GIBSON (April 19, 2008, Episode 122): Also known as the "Debbie hugged Steve" interview. The '80s teen popster was the first guest to visit us in our podcasting studio. When the interview was over, she politely shook the hand of former Times pop critic Sean Daly and then gave me a big hug. I've never let him forget it.

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