1. Pasco

Pasco County's back-to-school surprises, by the numbers

Pasco school district planners weren't too shocked to see the county's highest enrollment growth since 2007 when students returned to classes Monday.

Enrollment stood at 66,059, up 1,579 from the first day a year earlier. The last time the district saw that kind of boom was pre-recession. (In 2011, the district actually lost enrollment.) But this year, officials had anticipated a rise of about 1,400, anyway.

Within that overall number came some surprises. Among them:

• Gulf Middle School, which last year changed leadership and direction, grew by 102 students, while it was projected to decrease by 43.

• Pine View Middle School, which began changing programs this year, decreased by 100 students, while it was expected to lose 38.

• Wiregrass High, the district's most crowded school now on a 10-period day, increased by 10 students, while it was projected to grow by 118.

Also of note, it was the district's elementary, high and charter schools that pushed this year's upward number, with growth of 672, 526 and 441 students, respectively. Middle schools actually shrank by seven students.

The figures are likely to change in an upward direction as more families return their children to school through the week.