1. Pasco

Pasco employee contracts, raises go to School Board next week

Published Aug. 16, 2015

Negotiations ended, the Pasco School Board is wasting no time in moving to approve employees' 2015-16 contracts.

The board, which pressured staff to conclude talks before classes begin, has scheduled its contract ratification vote for Tuesday morning evening -- one day after teachers return to work for planning.

In keeping with past practice, the board also plans to award pay increases to workers not covered by collective bargining. Superintendent Kurt Browning has proposed $1.5 million to cover 3 percent raises for administrative and other non-bargaining staff.

The action items are in keeping with the district's commitment to improve salaries and get the money into paychecks as soon as possible, spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said.

United School Employees of Pasco has its first representative council meeting in early September, and plans its ratification vote later in the month. In the meantime, though, it has agreed to allow the district to make the higher payments, with the understanding that if the agreement fails employees will have to return the added amount.