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Pasco school district reaches settlement with former Connerton Elementary principal

Editor's note: The Florida Department of Education dismissed its administrative complaint against Anna Falcone on April 27. 2015. She faced no discipline. You can read the notice of dismissal here.

The Pasco County school district won't try to have former Connerton Elementary School principal Anna Falcone's teaching certificate revoked or suspended, as part of its severance agreement with Falcone.

The agreement, released publicly on Wednesday, allows Falcone to resign rather than be fired, and to receive a payout of all her unused accrued sick and vacation time as permitted under district policy. The district also will not issue a 2012-13 performance evaluation for the former principal.

Just seven weeks ago, Falcone was scheduled to appeal superintendent Kurt Browning's recommendation that she be fired for insubordination, over the way she attempted to pursue confidential climate survey information. Falcone denied the accusations, and prepared to defend herself to the board. But on the hearing date, the sides canceled and said they were close to a deal.

Since then, there had been no details or formal agreement in place. Falcone, meanwhile, saw her annual administrative contract end with the district on July 1, and she no longer works for Pasco schools. The School Board has approved Aimee Boltze as Connerton's new principal.

District officials consistently said that it was in the best interest of the school to have the matter resolved amicably and without dragging it out further in a public hearing. "Our goal was not to get anything out of it," spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said of the settlement. "It was to reach a fair and reasonable resolution."

The agreement also states that Falcone will not make any further demands against the district or its employees or officials — past, current or future — and that neither side will make "any statements that disparage or damage either party's reputation."

See the agreement here. The School Board has not yet voted on the document.