1. Pasco

Pasco Woodland Elementary needs a new principal

Woodland Elementary School, one of Pasco County's largest by enrollment, needs to find a new principal just days before teachers and students return to campus.

Kim Poe, the school's leader since 2007, has taken a post in the district office. She is recommended to oversee staff allocations districtwide, as well as manage the district's data and reporting efforts in its new Success Plan.

Woodland is one of a dozen schools participating in the first round of localized Success Plan reports, with more specific details than the district level document will offer.

Superintendent Kurt Browning said Poe applied for the post, and he did not seek to remove her from the school in Zephyrhills. He had not selected a replacement yet, and said he was not sure if he would advertise the principal job or transfer someone into it.

The move becomes official after the School Board approves it, likely next Tuesday.