Pasco Letters to the Editor

Published February 11

Re: Delay to reward a political patron? | Feb. 1

This letter is to let you know that I felt the referenced article was unfair to (Pasco County) Commissioner Wells and to Rich Bekesh.

I owned and operated an engineering business in Pasco County for 35 years. For the most part, I was treated fairly by the commissioners and staffs. However, on occasion, I had to deal with some staff members who did not appreciate the fact that it is in Pasco County’s best interest to use contractors and firms located in Pasco.

At one time, I employed 53 people, most of them living in Pasco County, where they spent money in Pasco County at various businesses. In addition, most local firms support our non-profit organizations, youth organizations, etc. If the facts were known, I believe that you would find Spring Engineering, Inc., to be one of those firms.

It is my opinion that Pasco County should use services that are available from Pasco County firms, provided they are qualified. I realize that Pasco firms are given 10 extra points when firms are evaluated, but in my opinion they should be at the top of the list.

I also was very concerned that the article gave the impression that Commissioner Mike Wells could be “bought” for the sum of $2,000. How absurd.

Walter A. Casson, Jr., New Port Richey

Re:Luxury bargain | Feb. 1

This is the best you can do for a front page article? Am I supposed to care about this?

I'm sure there are news stories that better deserve the attention given to the ultra wealthy and their real estate purchases.

Deanna Zimmer, Port Richey