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Re: The price of trash is going up | April 5 story

Thank you for your article on Pasco County's future needs concerning trash and recycling.

Recently, I drove around my neighborhood off Little Road during garbage day. It would appear to the casual observer that no one recycles their many cardboard boxes or other reusable materials. I believe the reason is that, although there is recycling pick-up scheduled for twice a month, the reality is different.

The haulers in my neck-of-the-woods pick up on the second and fourth Wednesdays. In a month with five Wednesdays, pickup is delayed for a week. Therefore, the resident has to store the recycling for three weeks before it's picked up. If that same material was garbage, there would be an outcry.

One final point: In December 2019, the only recycle pick up will be on December 11; the next one is Jan 8. Guess where the Christmas wrapping paper is going.

Doug Butler, New Port Richey