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Pasco County should keep recycling glass

In the Pasco Recycling 2019 publication received in the Tampa Bay Times the other day, I learned that we are no longer recycling glass. I am not sure who made this decision, which I think is a major departure from our present practice. I am sure that no one asked me and no one put it up for a vote.

It seems like someone decided that glass costs too much to recycle. Truthfully, I did not know we were in it for a profit. I thought we were trying to protect the environment.

I guess aluminum and other materials are still making a profit, so they are okay. When they lose their profitability, will we eliminate them, as well?

Glass takes forever to decompose. It is a scourge to all landfills. Perhaps the SUVs assigned to the coordinators of the recycling program would be a better item to eliminate.

If the glass contaminates the other products, this has been kept a secret for quite a long time now. My goodness, we are talking about trash here. A broken bottle is such a hazard? Give me a break.

Let's keep recycling glass forever. We should be working on new ways to reuse it rather than filling up landfills with it. Crush it, and use it for roadbeds. Don't just throw it away because it is inconvenient.

And with the proposed increase in our collection rates, let the trash haulers take on some of the expense.

Lewis Corvene, Hudson