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Pasco letters to the editor

Re: Pasco deputy's gun discharges in school | May 2

I have always thought a well-trained school teacher, coach or custodian in possession of a firearm would be a deterrent to some deranged psychopath endangering our children in school, or at least limiting the carnage. But if that person receives the same training as the Pasco County deputy has received, I must rethink my position.

Any individual with a smidgen of common sense should know better than to have in his or her possession a sidearm that has a chambered round, that is cocked and has the safety off in a non-threatening situation where they could endanger any innocent person.

In addition to "paid administrative leave," anyone that incompetent should not be rewarded with a paid anything.

Gene Shaw, Wesley Chapel

Looking for better customer service from the Pasco County Sheriff's Office

I've tried on a couple of occasions to contact someone in the Sheriff's Office. In two cases, I used the online form to make a comment, and when I finished filling out the form, I hit the "Submit" button and nothing happened.

My comment was simply about reported subdivision activity, which is much harder to negotiate with the new website. I tried again to fill out the comment form today, and hitting the "Submit" button did nothing. Admittedly these are non-emergency issues, so not of a 911-level of concern.

There seems to be no other way to comment online.

There are phone numbers, but my experience with these is you never get the person associated with the subject of the inquiry. And they always seem annoyed that you bothered them.

So does the Sheriff welcome feedback from the public?

I'm a retired federal law enforcement officer, and my agency made sure all calls were acted upon, even non-emergency calls, and that a real human answered the phone. It went a long way toward making my agency the second most respected federal agency.

There's no reason the Pasco County Sheriff can't strive to create a more receptive atmosphere for the people he serves.

John Wilkins, Hudson