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  1. Pasco

Pasco Letters to the Editor for June 21

The price of trash is going up in Pasco County | April 5 story

Our commissioners have approved a major increase in our fees for collection of garbage, though it was done with little fanfare.

We are told that the fees have been too low all along, so to correct that, they have approved a 30-percent increase in the rates charged by the garbage haulers. How nice for them. Seems that we were on the low end, and now we have jumped up to the mid-point of all Florida counties in one fell swoop. It doesn't seem that many of us get a 30-percent increase in our wages or retirement income, does it?

The other news is that recycling will now be once per week if a person chooses to recycle. Since only about 20 percent of the households recycle, weekly recycling hardly seems like it will increase those numbers. The trial some months ago was a bust, though now we are told that the numbers developed in the six-month trial changed attitudes. I do not believe it and, let's get real, where are the numbers to prove it?

On top of all this, glass will not be recycled any more. The $100,000 per year it costs is a figure waved around. I am not so sure that it is true, but even if it is, that amounts to about 20 cents per resident of Pasco County per year to save the environment. I guess that 20 cents per person looms large. How about the money made from recycling aluminum and other materials? Would that not offset the cost of recycling the glass? And, as I have said before, I did not know that we were into recycling to make money.

Lewis Corvene, Hudson

Sunrise thanks jurors for their support

Every time a juror serves Pasco County, they are not only helping our community through their service, but oftentimes they choose to donate the daily wage to a local charity instead of collecting it themselves. Many times, Sunrise of Pasco is the charity of choice, and for that we are grateful and want to thank each of you. We also want to thank the staff at the Pasco County Clerk of Court's office and Dr. Paula O'Neil for offering this option to jurors.

Sunrise always makes our mission of a violence-free community a priority. With the support of our community, we can continue to provide free services at the highest quality. In 2018, we were able to provide over 43,000 meals, and we saw an increase in the daily average number of adults and children seeking safety in our emergency shelter from 38 in 2016 to 44 in 2018.

On a daily basis we provide lifesaving services to families in Pasco County, giving survivors the tools to be safe and self-sufficient. Our staff makes a commitment to protect survivors.

Thank you for investing in our community through your donations of over $5,000 in 2018. With your continued support, we will create an environment in which domestic and sexual violence does not exist.

Kelly Sinn, CEO, Sunrise of Pasco