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  1. Pasco

Pasco letters to the editor for June 28

County's waste decision costs more, offers less

Leave it to Pasco County to pick my pockets when I asked for help.

For 15-plus years, I contacted county officials asking for better recycle pickup. When county officials finally voted to have waste companies provide weekly recycle pickup, I discover that my bill will nearly double, but less product will be picked up. Glass apparently is more expensive than the unrestrained, unplanned growth of housing communities which will demand costly infrastructure, school, fire and police.

A call for clarification to my waste company indicated that "the county told us to do it this way." Mind you, when I did not have pickup for 4-5 weeks due to holidays, there was no credit.

We get what we vote for. More money out of our pockets.

Diane Verhoest, San Antonio