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Patrick Murphy bemoans Super PAC era while getting Super PAC help

The endorsement of Patrick Murphy by a group trying to roll back Citizens United has yet again illustrated a disconnect between Murphy's public disdain for the Super PAC era and the way he has benefited from such groups.

Murphy has been endorsed by End Citizens United and has sent out fundraising emails slamming the Supreme Court decision. Yet Murphy's wealthy father has pumped money into a Super PAC supporting his House campaigns and Murphy was propped up by the House Majority PAC.

Republican groups -- and Alan Grayson's campaign, which circulated a TC Palm story about the issue -- are delighting at the irony.

"Patrick has always been committed to overturning Citizens United and getting unaccountable corporate money out of politics," spokesman Joshua Karp tells us. "Elections should be decided by the American people, not by corporations and billionaires."

In 2013, Murphy was featured in a video praising the effect of House Majoirty PAC. The NRCC made this video in which Murphy calls the Super PAC era "gross."