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Patrick Murphy's first TV ad: Marco Rubio doesn't show up for work

Patrick Murphy's first general election campaign goes after Marco Rubio's poor attendance record in the U.S. Senate, using kids in a pool playing Marco Polo.

"It's not a game, when our Senator doesn't show up," the Democrat says. "I'm Patrick Murphy. Solving problems means showing up."

Rubio accumulated one of the Senate's worst missed vote records in debates while he campaigned for president over the last year. He also missed a significant amount of committee hearings on a range of subjects.

Rubio camp: "Like Marco Polo, Patrick Murphy relied on his father's riches to go around telling tall tales and exaggerating his accomplishments. Given that Murphy named his ad after Polo, it's fitting that this aristocrat is lying about his own horrible attendance record in Congress and his support for liberal policies like Obamacare that cut Medicare." As we reported earlier, Murphy has missed 50 percent of Financial Services hearings.