1. Pasco

Pending Pasco school zone changes shouldn't affect seniors, superintendent says

Plans to set new attendance zones for Pasco's Mitchell High School have raised a variety of concerns among parents, from the general "we bought our house to go there" to the more pointed "what about our band program?"

Most of these have received a standard response from school district leaders that no decisions have yet been made.

Superintendent Kurt Browning has offered more support on just one question: What will happen to the rising seniors? Among the possibilities, they could be moving in and out of Mitchell, Anclote, River Ridge, Ridgewood and Gulf high schools. (That's not even considering a separate, concurrent rezoning for the high schools in Wesley Chapel.)

"I think that is only fair for all senior(s) to not be affected by this move and letting us know this asap would alleviate some anxiety for the kids during this most important time of their lives," one Mitchell mom wrote to the superintendent.

He suggested that there's little to worry about.

"The general practice is to let the 12th grade students remain in their home school because they are seniors," Browning wrote back. "We will place clarifying information on out website."

As of this morning, the rezoning website has not been updated to reflect this information. Rest assured that parents are already watching.

For now, the website lists most of the rezoning committee and parent meetings that have been scheduled to work through the details. District officials confirmed that the committee meetings are open to the public, but for viewing only. The parent meetings are the place for making comments.