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Pinellas finally decided it doesn't need to make up days missed from Hurricane Hermine

Pinellas families and school staff mustn't worry: your week-long Thanksgiving break remains untouched.

The school district has determined that schools have enough time built into existing schedules to absorb the loss of two school days, Sept. 1 and Sept. 2, which were canceled due to Hurricane Hermine. The decision was announced in an email sent Thursday afternoon by Paula Texel, the district's new assistant superintendent of human resources services.

As far as compensating school district employees, all full-time employees were paid their base salaries for those two days. Employees who were scheduled to take paid leave on either of those days for whatever reason (sick, vacation, etc.) were paid as well. No leave time was used.

The decision comes over a week after officials in neighboring school districts hit more directly by the storm announced they will not use make-up days either.