Dunedin commissioner bids a sartorial farewell to outgoing commissioner

Published December 6 2018

DUNEDIN — The four female city commissioners and some city officials came dressed for the occasion during a recent commission meeting: They wore bow ties.

That was their tribute to Commissioner John Tornga, who routinely wears bow ties at commission meetings and other occasions.

Tornga was honored for his service in the past four years on the commission, stepping down that night. He lost Seat 4 in the Nov. 6 election to Jeff Gow.

Gow and Commissioner Deborah Kynes, who ran unopposed, were sworn into office.

Kynes complimented Tornga for spearheading the formation of the city’s veterans committee.

She and other commissioners praised Tornga for the work he does for Honor Flights, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transporting veterans to see memorials in Washington, D.C.

“You have been giving a piece of your heart for many years,” Kynes said.

Tornga said Dunedin is “a huge group of people and, hopefully, all positive people. We stay positive.”

He likes to refer to himself as “Dunedin Can.”

“I’m a proud American, I’m a proud Floridian and I’m a proud ‘Dunedin Can.’ Because what makes Dunedin what it is – it’s all of us,” he said.