1. Pinellas

A Dunedin couple got so romantic they broke a salon window. Now the owner says: Pay for it.

DUNEDIN — It started with a kiss.

As the Saturday night bar scene bled into Sunday morning, a young couple wandered Main Street, hooked to each other. They fell against the front window of Salon GW, making their way to a corner nook.

Owner Gregory Brady's black-and-white security camera footage shows the woman stumbled back into the glass, shattering it.

Later the couple goes back, with the woman holding a bloodied cloth to her elbow, and take photos of the glass, Brady said.

Brady said while some people may point to incidents like those and say Dunedin is growing too fast, or becoming too rowdy, to him it's a side effect of what the community envisioned 30 years ago as they tried to grow their downtown model.

"It's the nature of the beast," Brady said. "It's the price of doing business in an ever growing community."

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Deputy Chuck Skipper said the incident may have happened at around 4 a.m. early Sunday morning. Deputies are still working on the case.

Brady hopes to resolve the issue directly with the woman. He estimates the new window, being measured this week, will cost him about $700.

On Sunday, Brady posted a still of the couple to his Facebook page after deputies told him the window was shattered.

A few bar owners he knew said they remembered serving the two. Friends reached out and said they knew the girl, who Brady realized he's known since her childhood.

He doesn't fault the two, but said he wants them to take responsibility.

"They weren't taking a crowbar and vandalizing my window," Brady said. "They were kissing."