St. Pete Beach strikes deal for Pass-a-Grille art shows

The city and Sun Tan Art Gallery recently reached an agreement
Published December 6 2018

ST PETE BEACH — Juried weekend art shows on the Pass-A-Grille concession stand patio can continue at 900 Gulf Way now that the city and Sun Tan Art Gallery reached a contract agreement.

Under terms of the deal, art market hours on the patio will be from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. each Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holiday Mondays, during the months of January through April, as well as Saturday, Sunday and occasional holiday Mondays, during May through September.

During a recent City Commission meeting, City Manager Wayne Saunders recalled that two months ago the commission approved the concept of Suntan Art Center renting the patio and operating art markets on weekends.

Bev Jackson, Sun Tan President, told commissioners after the last meeting she spoke with artists who had concerns and resolved most all issues, which included having new artists participate on the juried panel.

Weekend art shows raise funds to operate the Art Center, which is nonprofit, she explained.

In his report to commissioners Saunders wrote “since 2006, when Sun Tan began to rent the patio area for its member shows, it has maintained the highest ethical standard for its art markets. ”

He added additional revenue raised at art shows will help restore Sun Tan’s financial solvency, enabling it to continue to bring exhibitions, programs in various art mediums and wellness classes.

During seasonal months, January through April, Sun Tan will pay the city $140 per day, in addition to any applicable taxes. During the off-season, May through December, Sun Tan will pay to the city $120 per day. Payments will be made monthly.

The contract was approved 4-0, with Commissioner Ward Friszolowski absent.