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Plato Academy board chair repeatedly denies mold found at Largo campus, despite report confirming otherwise

According to Plato Academy's board chair, mold is everywhere.

Indeed, as an 81-page report released Friday confirmed moisture and mold problems exist underneath the flooring and within the air distribution system at the middle school modular building at Plato Academy Largo. The report concluded that while the indoor air was considered adequate and no imminent health concerns were detected, "Occupants with debilitated immune system or susceptible to house dust (including mold) should be encouraged to consult with their physician for advice."

That second part was omitted in an email sent Monday night to the families of Plato Largo by the school's board chair, Dr. Elias Kolettis. Instead, the Clearwater internal medicine doctor kept repeating "no mold" in his email, defending the school's decision to send students back into the portable, and blamed the media for "false reporting."

"I realize these concepts can be challenging to fully understand," Kolettis wrote. "It is disappointing that the media, such as the staff reporter of the Tampa Bay Times and the reporters of Channel 8 News, cannot grasp these concepts either, leading to false reporting."

Gradebook has reached out to Kolettis for comment.

Read Dr. Kolettis' full email here and the building health check with pictures of the suspected mold here.