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PolitiFact Florida: Andrew Gillum overstated campaign donors

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is back in campaign mode after taking a break from his gubernatorial bid for the birth of his third child. Despite the time away, his campaign said the Democrat continues to lead the field in campain donors.

"Our campaign was thrilled for the mayor's family to welcome their third child last month, and he took some well-deserved time off the campaign trail. We're excited to have more than 7,000 contributors, the most in the race, and we're raising the resources to compete in all 67 counties," the campaign statement said Friday.

PolitiFact Florida rated Gillum's claim of having "more than 7,000 contributors" Mostly False.

Gillum's point nearly checks out from a glance of state election data, showing a combined total of 6,933 contributions between his campaign and committee Forward Florida.

The problem: Several people gave multiple times. PolitiFact Florida found a smaller number after taking out duplicate names (a difference of roughly 1,500 names.) The count is still higher than donors to other campaigns, but short of what Gillum said.

Keep reading to see the campaign's response and PolitiFact Florida's data breakdown.