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PolitiFact Florida checks a pair of claims about Patrick Murphy's resume, votes on Zika funding

PolitiFact Florida has checked a pair of claims made by U.S. Sen Marco Rubio against his Democratic challenger U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy.

Rubio says that Murphy "has trouble with the truth." In a TV ad, Rubio said that his Democratic opponent misled voters about his work experience and educational background.

The ad includes a clip of a WPTV news anchor Michael Williams on May 23 saying: "Murphy embellished, according to reports, his University of Miami academic achievement."

Rubio's ad — the first during the general election — makes several other claims about Murphy's resume and record in Congress which we have previously fact-checked — and we will explain those in more details later.

But did Murphy embellish his college record?

We rated that statement Mostly True. Click through to find out why.

Meanwhile, as the Senate bickers over Zika funding, Rubio's campaign says Murphy has been playing partisan politics over the issue in the House.

The same day the Senate failed to approve emergency public health funding to deal with Zika for the third time in three months, Rubio spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas said Murphy has been an obstructionist.

"Patrick Murphy is the only candidate to have voted against every measure to fund Zika," she said on Sept. 7, 2016. (By "only," she meant the only general election Senate candidate, comparing Murphy to Rubio.)

That doesn't sound like the position a Florida congressman facing a Zika outbreak would take in an election year, so we checked the record. It turns out Murphy has opposed plenty of Republican-backed funding proposals, but "every" is putting it too strong.

We rated this statement False. Read here for more.