PolitiFact Florida: Corcoran's Visit Florida jab doesn't tell full story

Published Feb. 12, 2017

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran offered some statistics this week on Twitter to make the case that more money for Visit Florida does not equal more visitors.

"Spending more taxpayer money on VISIT FL (or less) has not demonstrated a direct impact on tourism," Corcoran tweeted Monday, with a slew of numbers to bolster his point.

PolitiFact Florida's verdict: Half True.

Marketing experts told reporter Allison Graves that Corcoran's point neglects important context. The test of good marketing isn't just whether people come, but how long they stay and how much money they spend.

"After all, you can't deposit visitors in the bank, but you sure can deposit the money they leave behind," said David Preece, academic director of the Center for Hospitality & Tourism at Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

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