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Poll: Are you an 'LOL' or a 'haha' person when you text?

It has been about a decade now since texting really took off as Americans' preferred method of telecommunication, as 2007 marked the first year texts outnumbered phone calls.

In that time, surely billions of LOLs have been texted back and forth (though it's questionable how many people were really laughing out loud). And yet there are those who resist the easy allure of LOLing their way through their texting life, choosing to type "haha" or "HA!" instead, perhaps even throwing in the occasional LMAO.

That got us wondering, are you in the LOL camp, or the haha camp? Is it important to pick one and commit to it, or is it acceptable to switch it up? Well, here's your chance to weigh in on this important debate by voting below.

Which one do you use to express laughter when texting?