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PPP poll: Charlie Crist 49%, Rick Scott 42

A newly released Public Policy Polling poll for the liberal group finds Charlie Crist beating Republican Gov. Rick Scott 49 percent to 42 percent. That's an oddly big shift toward Crist, who barely led Scott, 43 percent to 41, in a January PPP survey.

This latest poll shows 58 percent of voters favor the state accepting federal money to expand Medicaid expansion, and 42 percent said Crist's support for accepting that money makes them more likely to support the likely Democratic nominee.

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"This polling doesn't pass the common sense test," said Rick Scott campaign spokesman Greg Blair. " A Democratic pollster, working for a Democratic attack group, not only found Charlie Crist winning in Florida, but also claims Republicans are losing noncompetitive races in Kansas and Georgia. Despite the outlandish claims made in this polling, Charlie Crist will continue to be weighed down by the disaster known as Obamacare and his support for the policies of a deeply unpopular president. "And if you think PPP is an accurate outfit, please call Congresswoman Sink's office for her response." - RSFF spokesman Greg Blair