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Pre-Fest preview: White Lung, Obits, Andrew Jackson Jihad among top punk bands coming to Ybor City

Ybor City is known for colorful characters -- especially during the week of Halloween -- but next week will be a totally different scene, as Pre-Fest, the appropriately titled kickoff to Gainesville's massive Fest, will take place at venues around Ybor City.

Nearly 100 punk bands will perform, which is a lot to take in. Click here to read Jimmy Geurts' preview of Pre-Fest, with all the info you need to know. And if that's still not enough, here are five (give or take) of Jimmy's picks for can't-miss Pre-Fest acts:

F.Y.P./Toys That Kill/Underground Railroad to Candyland: Former pro skater and Recess Records head honcho Todd Congelliere is playing in three different bands at Pre-Fest. Yet all of them share catchy pop-punk hooks and bizarre, interesting lyrics.

Lemuria: The '90s throwback band features the sweet-sounding vocals of singer Sheena Ozzella. NPR are fans too, streaming their latest album The Distance is So Big.

Andrew Jackson Jihad: The Phoenix duo plays music with often darkly funny lyrics, like a Louis C.K. routine put to song.

White Lung (above): It seems like many critically acclaimed punk acts are coming out of Canada lately. There's Japandroids, F---ed Up, Metz and this Vancouver group fronted by Mish Way.

Obits: This Brooklyn band features Rick Froberg, formerly of Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes. Their last Sub Pop album Bed & Bugs includes both garage and psychedelic rock influences.