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Q poll Florida: Trump and Clinton tied

A new Qunnipiac poll of Florida finds Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tied with each taking 47 percent of the vote in the crucial swing state.

They remain deadlocked, at 43 percent each, when other candidates are taken into account. Gary Johnson pulls 8 percent; Jill Stein 2 percent.

A Q poll last month had Clinton up 46-45, so the contest has not changed. Notably, Clinton has vastly outspent Trump in Florida and has a vastly bigger ground organization.

From a release:

Florida women back Clinton 56 - 36 percent, while men back Trump 58 - 36 percent. Trump leads 88 - 9 percent among Republicans and 48 - 39 percent among independent voters. Democrats back Clinton 94 - 4 percent. White voters back Trump 59 - 36 percent, as non-white voters go to Clinton 67 - 25 percent.

"To understand the racial divide in the electorate, consider the sharp contrast between white men and non-white voters in Florida. Trump is getting just 25 percent from minority voters, while Clinton gets just 26 percent of white men," Brown said.