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Rachel Sweet's discography was less magic and more 'Voodoo' in the '80s

For every Pat Benatar that became an icon in the '80s, there were other women who carved out smaller paths in the hearts of '80s lovers and one of those forgotten females was Rachel Sweet.

In 1983, Sweet made it as far as No. 72 with her single Voodoo, but by then Rachel Sweet had hit the charts several times including the Top 40 when she teamed up with heartthrob Rex Smith in 1981 for a remake of Carl Carlton's '70s classic Everlasting Love. In 1981, Sweet also recorded the first version of Pat Benatar's Shadows of the Night that has a sax solo instead of a guitar solo and was deemed by her record company as "too uncommercial" to be released as a single.

If the guys watching the video for Voodoo feel a little titillated and uncomfortable at the same time, it's to be expected. While Sweet, born in Ohio, was approximately 21 years old at the time of the video and of legal age, she looks like an underage teenager. Her Lolita-like posing was her modus operandi and was embraced in the UK and a could be a possible reason for her lack of commercial success in her conservative home country.

While hitting the charts stopped after Voodoo for Rachel Sweet, it didn't stop her success in film and television. In the late '80s, Sweet performed the title track for John Water's Hairspray and had her own show on The Comedy Channel called The Sweet Life. In the '90s she scored with the theme song for the Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains It All staring a teenage Melissa Joan Hart and played the part of George Costanza's cousin in the best Seinfeld episode ever: "The Contest."

These days Sweet is behind the scenes as writer and producer of successful cable shows like Hot in Cleveland and made real estate news in 2010 when she flipped Madonna's own house in Los Pavoreales for just under a cool five million.