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Remember the one Stevie Nicks hit from the '80s that WASN'T overplayed?

Published Jun. 3, 2014

With mystique and her twirling dances in long dresses, Stevie Nicks set the charts on fire in the '80s with hit after hit. In total, Nicks hit the Top 40 in the 80's twenty times with collaborations like Stop Draggin' My Heart Around with Tom Petty, nine times with Fleetwood Mac and eight times as a solo artist, including forgotten hits like Rooms On Fire.

In 1989, Nicks released her "The Other Side of the Mirror" album that was concept album based on "Alice in Wonderland". The lead single, Rooms On Fire hit No. 16 on the singles chart and was inspired by Nicks acceptance of never having a traditional family life of a husband and kids when she visited a Dutch castle and had a short affair with producer Rupert Hine.

In the video, Nicks is shown holding a baby who turns out to be her goddaughter named Kelly. Stevie and Kelly reportedly are more like mother-daughter as the two lived together for years and Kelly shows up 22 years later in Nick's 2011 video for "Secret Love" and plays the part of a young Stevie Nicks.