Report: Singer R. Kelly accused of holding Polk County woman in abusive 'cult'

R. Kelly performs at a concert in Chicago in 2015. Getty Images
R. Kelly performs at a concert in Chicago in 2015.Getty Images
Published July 17 2017
Updated July 17 2017

An aspiring Polk County singer is among half a dozen young women being kept, "brainwashed" and abused in a sort of "cult" maintained by music star R. Kelly, according to an investigation by Buzzfeed News that published today.

The accusations come from the women's parents, as well as former members of the 50-year-old R&B star's inner circle, who say that Kelly has the women living in six properties around Chicago and Atlanta, where a "den mother" (a best friend of the woman who appeared on the infamous sex tape Kelly went to trial over) instructs them on how to please Kelly.  

According to those former member's of Kelly's inner circle interviewed by Buzzfeed, the singer "controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters that he records."

The story describes one of the women as "an 18-year-old singer from Polk County, Florida," but does not identify her by name. One of Kelly's friends interviewed for the story describes her as Kelly's "favorite -- his number-one girl."

The parents of the girl told the website that their daughter met Kelly when she was only 17, after she was spotted in the crowd at Funk Fest in Orlando and given Kelly's phone number. Her parents said she moved into one of his rental homes after she turned 18, and eventually stopped communicating with them.

A jury acquitted Kelly on all 14 charges of child pornography stemming from the aforementioned video in 2008.


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