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After 'Florida Avenue' lawsuit, Seminole Heights restaurant changes name

The smaller business in a short-lived legal battle between small businesses in Tampa's Seminole Heights neighborhood has agreed to change its name.

Florida Avenue Eats is now Florida Eats.

Florida Avenue Eats owner Greg Spadaccini was sued last month shortly after opening the small eatery on Florida Avenue, a mile down the street from Brew Bus, a restaurant and brewery that brews and distributes some of its beer under the name Florida Avenue Brewing Co.

Brew Bus, owned by prominent Tampa strip club owner Joe Redner, said that the name Florida Avenue Eats infringed on its Florida Avenue Brewing Co. copyright.

Spadaccini raised nearly $10,000 in donations for his legal defense after appealing to the local community through GoFundMe.

A joint statement released by Spadaccini, who also operates Spaddy's Coffee, and Brew Bus CEO Anthony Derby reads:

"We're pleased to announce we've reached an understanding involving the name of Greg's new restaurant, amicably and outside of court. The outpouring of support and involvement from our Seminole Heights' community was vital in connecting the two of us, and allowed us to come to a swift resolution. Moving forward, with support from Brew Bus, the restaurant will rename itself Florida Eats. We look forward to continuing to support not only one another, but demonstrating to our entire community that differences can be solved – especially over a coffee or beer."

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