Top Restaurants

Our annual list of the best places to eat in the Tampa Bay area.
Published Feb. 1, 2019

Forbes, Food & Wine, Thrillist and dozens of other publications seemed to wake up to one incontrovertible fact in 2018: Tampa Bay is an emerging dining destination.

The past few years, I've done an annual roundup of the 50 best restaurants. I spend all year dining out, tucking away my thoughts on which restaurants represent the best of their cuisine, price point and ambition level, bearing in mind the enormous geographic breadth of our readership. With such an influx of worthy new places, 50 felt insufficient this time around. What follows is Tampa Bay's top 100ish, grouped by easy-to-use superlatives. As with every year, let me know what I omitted, what I got wrong and what I nailed.

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