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Results vary, but bullying and lack of student respect remain problems at Hillsborough schools

Published Aug. 3, 2015

The Hillsborough County school district has released school-by-school results of the past year's climate survey, allowing for comparisons from one school to another.

Giant caveat: This year, because students were so over-burdened with state testing, the district decided to give the survey to a sample of students and not all 207,000. Officials said they are confident the sample was large enough, especially for identifying districtwide trends. But responses came from only about 30 percent of the students.

Keep in mind, when viewing this list, that at some schools, answers came from as few as 20 percent of the students. You'll find the data here for elementary schools A-I, J-R and R-Y; and secondary schools A-M and N-Y.

Based on these limited statistics, the happiest elementary schools this year were Bevis, Grady and Seminole while those showing the most negative answers were Kimbell, Desoto and Mango. The happiest middle schools were Franklin Boys Preparatory and Mulrennan while the most unhappy were Jennings and McLane. High school students were most likely to give negative answers to the survey questions. The most positive results came from Robinson, Jefferson and Plant; the least favorable from Lennard and Chamberlain.

Here's the breakdown:

Overall Elementary: Favorable response scorecard: 76%
90: Bevis
86: Grady
84: Seminole
83: Chiaramonte, Metropolitan Ministries Partnership, Wilson
82: Cleveland, Tampa Palms
81: Alexander, Bellamy, Bryant, Walden Lake
80: Alafia, Cork, Dunbar, Lomax, Lutz, Mitchell, Muller, Palm River, Pizzo, Valrico
79: Clair Mel, Graham. Lockhart, Hammond, McKitrick,Trapnell, West Shore
78: Citrus Park, Essrig, Knights, Morgan Woods, MOSI Partnership, Schwarzkopf, Springhead, Tampa Bay Boulevard, Wimauma, Woodbridge
77: Ballast Point, Brooker, Cahoon, Carrollwood, Cypress Creek, Deer Park, Edison,Egypt Lake, Lee, Lewis, Lincoln, Mabry, Maniscalco, Mendenhall, Northwest, Oak Grove, Pinecrest, Riverhills, Schmidt, Sessums, Shaw, Witter
76: Bailey, Bing, Buckhorn, Cimino, Clark, Dickenson, Fishhawk Creek, Jackson, Just, Lanier, Lithia Springs, Lowry, Mintz, Reddick, Roosevelt, Sheehy, Sulphur Springs, Twin Lakes, Washington (B.T.), West Tampa, Westchase
75: Anderson, Bay Crest, Bryan, Boyette Springs, Burney, Colson, Davis, Dover, Foster, James, Limona, Lopez, MacFarlane Park, Oak Park, Pride, Rampello, Seffner, Symmes, Temple Terrace, Town 'N Country
74: Apollo Beach, Broward, Folsom, Heritage, Kenly, Miles, Mort, Roland Park, Shore, Stowers, Turner-Bartels, USF Patel Partnership
73: Cannella, Doby, Frost, Gibsonton, Hunters Green, Ippolito, Kingswood, Lake Magdalene, Nelson, Robinson, Robles, Summerfield, Tinker, Yates
72: Collins, Corr, Gorrie, Riverview, Thompson
71: Chiles, Claywell, Forest Hills, Ruskin
70: McDonald
69: Summerfield Crossings, Thonotosassa, Potter
68: Desoto, Mango
67: Kimbell

Secondary: 63%
76: Franklin Boys
75: Mulrennan
73: Coleman, Randall
72: Roland Park
71: Barrington, Davidsen, Wilson
70: Ferrell Girls, Rampello, Stewart, Williams
69: Farnell, Martinez, Sligh, Webb
67: Benito, Dowdell, Walker
66: Buchanan, Burns, Greco, Mann, Monroe, Progress Village
65: Madison, Orange Grove, Turkey Creek
64: Adams, Pierce, Van Buren, Young
63: Liberty, Marshall, Tomlin, Turner-Bartels
62: Shields
61: Burnett, Giunta, Rodgers, Smith
60: Hill, Memorial
57: Eisenhower
56: McLane
55: Jennings

High Schools
69: Robinson
68: Jefferson, Plant
67: Newsome
66: Steinbrenner
65: Bloomingdale
64: Strawberry Crest, Leto
62: Durant, Sickles
61: Alonso
60: Brandon, Gaither
59: East Bay, Riverview
58: King
57: Hillsborough
56: Spoto, Plant City
55: Blake, Wharton
54: Armwood, Tampa Bay Tech, Freedom
53: Middleton
51: Lennard, Chamberlain

Career Centers:
72: Bowers-Whitley, Simmons
68: South County
52: DW Waters

Elementary students generally gave the most positive results, with an average favorable scorecard of 76 percent. In the secondary schools, the average favorable scorecard was 63 percent.

Many of the secondary school results were dragged down by students disagreeing with the statement: "I enjoy coming to school" (42 percent overall for secondary students) and "Students at this school treat others with respect" (22 percent overall.)

Exactly half of all secondary students found their principals were good role models.

Slightly more than half (58 percent) feel safe at school.

Seventy-seven reported, "I am not bullied at school," but the statistics on that one varied widely from school to school. On some campuses, the survey suggests nearly half the kids are bullied.

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