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Review / photos: Club Cirque Festival creates a hot, sweaty circus with Steve Aoki, Borgore at Raymond James Stadium

Saturday's Club Cirque Festival at Raymond James Stadium was like a mini Sunset Music Festival ... but with tents.

I described it like this: Imagine a huge circus tent, pump in tons of smoke from fog machines, loud music, bright lights, lasers and thousands of hot sweaty, mostly shirtless EDM fans, and you got Club Cirque. Oh and not to mention, there wo AC inside the closed-off tent. Only the entryways were open; outside, it was nice and cool, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

It was beyond hot inside of the tents. I spent most of my time inside the main tent and photographed Borgore and Steve Aoki. The temperature had to have been over 110 degrees in some areas. It was so hot and humid from all of the sweaty bodies that my camera was giving me a moisture warnings and my lenses fogged up badly. I had to wipe it clean constantly. At one point Aoki started passing out water and Gatorade to the fans.

Now, this is pretty disgusting, but it was so hot and humid that the condensation from the massive amounts of sweat and heat gathered on the vinyl roof of the tent ... AND DRIPPED DOWN! it was a constant dripping. Disgusting. There was no rain, no AC and the inside walls were wet to the touch from all the sweat.

However, the performers were great, and the sound was great. Parking was a breeze and the crowd was awesome.

-- Luis Santana, tbt*