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Richard Danielson's appreciation of Eddie Gonzalez

My favorite part of his back-page piece in this month's Floridian:

As a reporter, my first look at Gonzalez was not in person, but on videotape, and it was telling. Before he arrived in Tampa, I borrowed the tape of the city's interviews with each of the finalists for the chief's job.

At one point, I ran through the tape on fast-forward, and one thing jumped out: The other finalists were accomplished police administrators. Their gestures were tight. They pointed. Ticked off lists on their fingers. Used their palms flatly, like spades, to push unseen things around in short, straight lines.

Gonzalez, by contrast, lounged in his chair as if on a shady front porch. As befits a son of West Tampa, his gestures rose and swooped and curved away from his body. He had story-telling hands.