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Rubio criticizes Murphy, Obama over Gitmo

Sen. Marco Rubio today criticized a vote by Rep. Patrick Murphy against a GOP measure to prevent transfers of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay.

"Today, Patrick Murphy voted to fund the release of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, despite even more evidence that they are rejoining militant groups," Rubio campaign spokesman Michael Ahrens said. "Murphy continues to stand in lock step with the Obama administration's liberal policies that pose a direct threat to our national security and the safety of all Americans."

Murphy supports President Obama's attempt to close the prison.

Florida lawmakers voted party line with the exception of Democrat Gwen Graham, who joined Republicans.

Rubio also condemned the Obama administration amid a report that two former detainees had returned to fighting. Nine total have done so, according to the government.

"We know that the remaining detainees are considered 'the worst of the worst,' and with a confirmed recidivism rate of 30 percent, it's baffling the Administration continues to set these terrorists free to threaten America and our allies, including our military men and women serving overseas," Rubio said. "The President's efforts to preserve his legacy at any cost is hindering U.S. national security precisely at a time when the threats to our country are growing, and terrorist groups like al Qaeda and ISIS are giving these former detainees more options for reengagement. This is why I will continue to urge President Obama to stop setting terrorists free from Guantanamo and immediately work to recapture those who have returned to terrorist activity."