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Scott Brown on Marco Rubio and 'great guy' Dan Gelber

NEW CASTLE, N.H. -- Among the many state candidates in the room Friday night for Sen. Marco Rubio's speech was his former colleague, Scott Brown. Brown is seeking the GOP nomination to take on incument Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and a Rubio endorsement would be a boost.

But Rubio is largely staying out of primaries.

"Of course" it would help Brown told the Buzz. "I speak to Marco regularly. Marco and I have a very strong and positive relationship." Brown quickly added, "I'm going to get a lot of endorsements."

He didn't want to talk about that any more, and said he had to find his mother, so we asked him about Florida Democrat Dan Gelber. They went to Tufts together. "Danny's a dear friend," Brown said. "He's a great guy."

Told Gelber was working with Charlie Crist, Brown smiled and said: "It's America. You can support whoever you want."