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Shields on Longoria: 'It's all good'

Just heard back from former Rays pitchers James Shields, who seconded what Evan Longoria said about them clearing the air after recent comments from Longoria.

"It's all good,'' Shields said. "No worries.''

Longoria said Thursday he had reached out to Shields to clarify comments he made just before the season that the Rays had better team camaraderie and were in "a better mental state" without Shields and B.J. Upton because the two longtime Rays had remained somewhat scarred by the team's rough past.

"He texted me that he was sorry for the comments and that he respects our relationship and values our friendship,'' Shields said from Kansas City. "I told him, "Don't worry about it, it's all good, I accept your apology.' ''

Also, Shields said he told Longoria, " "I know where you were trying to go with it, but it might not have come out right." But it's all good.''

Shields, who is scheduled to start against the Rays on Tuesday in K.C., laughed when asked if he instead might have instead delivered a response from the mound: "I'd rather win the ballgame.''

Shields said he's enjoyed being with the Royals and how well they are playing, and is eager to face the Rays, noting the irony that it's in the first game of the season between the teams.

"I guess it's only fitting, right?'' he said. "I'm excited to play against them. Obviously it's going to feel a little weird. It's going to be weird to see all my boys, Hickey, Price, Helly, Moore, Cobb, all my boys sitting in the dugout across from. It's going to be exciting to play them. I've got to get ready for this little battle. It's going to be fun.''