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Shows you should be watching: 'Hindsight' on VH1

Don't you just want to be besties with these two? Laugh with Becca and Lolly on VH1's rom-com "Hindsight."
Don't you just want to be besties with these two? Laugh with Becca and Lolly on VH1's rom-com "Hindsight."
Published Aug. 21, 2015

We've all thought about second chances. What if I could start over? What if I didn't get that perm? What if I married Rob Lowe?

VH1's adorable new show Hindsight is a romantic comedy wrapped in the best '90s nostalgia and explores those questions. (We'd probably still get that perm, though.)

Hindsight stars Laura Ramsey as Becca. She's 40 and about to embark on a second marriage with her childhood friend; however, she isn't feeling that spark in her relationship or about her life. Present day, on the eve of the wedding she is thrown back to 1995. She wakes up on the morning of her first wedding to Sean, a struggling artist who, despite his sexy ponytail and bedroom talents, never fully satisfied her. In the first episode, she decides this is her chance to make different choices and fully embrace a new life. And over the rest of the nine episodes, Becca realizes how those decisions not only affect her life, but her friends' and family's as well.

This time travel premise is nothing new, I know. But somehow this show feels fresh. And oh-so-loveable.

Both millennials and Gen X'ers who love to relive the '90s via Buzzfeed will adore this show. From purple Doc Martens, choker necklaces and plaid mini skirts to a really great soundtrack of all of the '90s greatest hits, Hindsight sometimes feels as authentic as My So-Called Life from 1994.

And like My So-Called Life, the greatest show that was canceled too soon, Hindsight's set of characters are very relatable. There's Lolly, the best friend we all want; Sean and Andy, the guys Becca is torn between; and Becca's brother Jaime, who is struggling with heartache and drugs, and chain wallets. Then there's curly-haired Melanie, Andy's girlfriend, aka a human toenail (thanks, Stephanie!). Becca and Lolly name her Meerkat Melanie, and now I wish I knew a Melanie.

Even though Becca thinks the problem she's meant to solve is her love life, it's actually her relationship with Lolly that needs fixing. Lolly is in on Becca's time-traveling secret, but there's tension between them because in present day they haven't spoken in at least 10 years. Becca doesn't want to tell Lolly why because Becca is hoping it doesn't happen in this new future. But she quickly discovers that some of the new choices she makes still might lead to the same end result. Fate can be a big B sometimes.

As Becca continues to veer off course, she's frustrated that she doesn't know the end of the story, just like the rest of us. So even though she can change the past, does it become a future she actually wants?

Okay, this is getting heavy. We're talking about a charming rom-com here. The best part of the show is when Becca accidentally gives Lolly spoilers from the future. Chandler and Monica get together?! Michael Stipe is gay? AOL is no longer cool. And iPhones control our lives. Eye phones?! Becca constantly misses present-day technology, but it's fun to watch everyone struggle to get ahold of each other. That struggle was real. Remember when you actually had to memorize phone numbers?

VH1 renewed Hindsight for a second season, but it's not clear when it will actually come back. You can stream all 10 episodes on Hulu.